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A 1998 graduate of Clark University and former corporate Environmental Consultant,  I moved to Farmington in 2003 to be closer to family and spend more time in the outdoors.  I didn’t enjoy working in the corporate world, so I became employed as a professional home painter after the move.  85% of my business involves residential repainting.  Due to increased demand, that job has expanded to include home maintenance and problem-solving work.  Combined with 10 years of residential maintenance experience before and during college,  and  a dedication to courteous and open communication with customers, I’ve decided to advertise my services on the Web to make finding a solution to YOUR home problem easier!  No matter what the issue is, I will work with you to help you find the right answer in the most affordable way.

My off-work interests are electronics, playing guitar, writing and recording music, camping and hiking with my wife and friends, and spending time exploring the Maine coast.