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What you should know about painting a metal roof
If your home’s metal roof is in a condition anything like the one shown below,  you have some choices to make!   You can either have it painted, re-roof the entire home, or live with it.  Usually, the most economical choice is to have a professional come in, properly prep the surface, and repaint.  Because of the extreme climate we face in New England, painting metal roofs is a tradition that goes back over 100 years in this area. While nobody can guarantee how long the finish will last, and it can’t be guaranteed, it sure beats peeling and rusted coatings!  Experience suggests that a well-done roof will last as long as, or longer than, the paint on your siding.
At some point long ago, someone applied latex house paint to the roof shown.  Ouch!  House paints aren’t made to survive the temperature extremes and abrasion due to ice that you find on a metal roof.  So the prep for this surface was extreme…scraping and sanding were followed by a prime coat which will hopefully render this old paint stable enough to stay down after a top coat is applied.  These are special paints made for trouble situations just like this!   There is always a risk when painting metal roofs, but good prep can give you the best chance for success possible!
After the right prep, and using the appropriate products, this roof is ready to withstand the Maine climate for many years.